Day and Night Were Created for a Reason

Ever wonder why the Almighty created day and night, a sun and a moon? If you go back to Genesis, you’ll see that the sun was considered greater than the moon (the lesser light). The earth was in the midst of darkness, so it needed the sun to give it great light, but a span of time was given over to darkness, which was dimly lit by the moon. But God is light. So where did the darkness come from? It came from Satan and his demons, who were stubborn in their rebellion and therefore were stripped of their position and cast out to where the earth is. Thus, since sin is darkness, God created night to symbolize Satan’s fall. The moon symbolizes light n a dark world, which is what Jesus and the Church are. The sun symbolizes the power of our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, our interface to Him. We humans were put on earth to overcome whatever it was in Satan that made him rebel. We almost failed, until our hero Jesus Christ overcame that evil forever. Towards the end of Revelation, we see that Jesus Christ will be the source of light for the New Jerusalem, so no more sun or moon. Amen.


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