U.S. Gov’t Using Brussels Deception to Target Prepaid ‘Burner’ Phones

Congresswoman Jackie SpeierCalifornia Congresswoman Jackie SpeierIf you’ve been paying attention, iPhone encryption and prepaid phones have been a thorn to Big Brother, so the U.S., Western Europe and Israel needed an excuse to make sure they can spy on every citizen in order to maintain thought control. That ‘excuse’ is the Brussels attack that happened earlier this week. As mentioned, Brussels is a Western intelligence deep cover operation to march us closer towards martial law, and Brussels and France look like militarized zones now. Instead of going after prepaid phones, why don’t they just ban mouths. That will be more effective in keeping so-called terrorists from talking to each other. The darling of the New World Order gang, California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, introduced a bill earlier this year to go after prepaid phones.


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