The Most Abominable Idol Baal to Have Temples Rebuilt in New York, London and 1,000 Other Cities

In a world that has come to hate the Church, wants the state to remain separate from it, yet allows endless abortions that it profits from, the two Mystery Cities of Babylon, London and New York, will rebuild the detestable Temple of Bel (aka Baal aka Marduk) not long after Easter. For those who don’t know, although it is great to observe the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, some children of Satan used commercialism to add idolatry to Easter (aka Ishtar, who is linked to Bel aka Baal). So start calling it Resurrection Day and get rid of the bunny rabbit idolatry because Satan is ready to collect on the idolatry his children planted in Easter long ago. America already built a monument to Satan while it restricts the rights of the Church. In any case, Baal was Satan’s most damning attempt to anger God Almighty by having the Children of Israel sacrifice their infants in  a fire to this demonic idol while having homosexual sex as a ritual! Why don’t they erect a monument to Jesus Christ in New York and London? Signs of the times. Stay in prayer.


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