Some Churches are Too Lukewarm, Not Warning of the Times

One of the best ways to make sure your church is on the right track is to keep track of the topics the leaders speak on over time. If they spend way too much time on lesser topics such as prosperity, self help tips, feeling happy with your life, etc., then either demand a better mix of topics or find another church. We are at war and the kingdom of Satan is united and in its last days. The children of Satan are closing in on us yet some of us are not warning the others. The bloodshed that’s been happening in the Middle East at the behest of the evil ones is about to turn towards us if we don’t go from lukewarm to hot! Who cares about money and becoming rich? Jesus and the Apostles were poor and homeless for a reason: they knew that the best weapon against evil is to not have any room for temptation. There are many true churches out there doing the right thing, but these mega churches are leading their members to hell with their focus on getting rich and having nice things. That’s self worship, which is a form of idolatry. Those who follow these false doctrines will not have the spiritual weapons to resist Satan when he sends his human children our way soon. Go back and study the parable of the 10 virgins.


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