Our Goal: A World Without Sin Frees Us from the Rule of Law

God Wants to Know that We Won’t Make the Same Mistake Adam and Eve Did Many people wonder why our Heavenly Father allows sin in the world. He doesn’t allow sin, but choice. And He created that choice to come with positive and negative consequences. Satan knew this very well because he is the reason that such a choice entered the human realm. You see, the angels also have choice, but their consequences are far more extreme than ours: if they choose the dark path and don’t repent, the consequence is to burn forever! Sadly, Lucifer must have gotten the idea in his mind that he can overcome the negative consequence if he had enough angels on his side. He probably wanted all 100% of angels on his side to supplant God’s authority, thinking it would be a failure of our Heavenly Father if all of His angels rebelled. Epic fail! Only a third of the angels rebelled and they were all kicked out of heaven to the realm of earth. We humans were created to overcome this failure by these angels. Adam and Eve were the first to take the test, but once Satan questioned God’s authority first to Eve, who then questioned God’s authority to Adam, Satan gained a foothold among men. It got progressively worse since then until God sent His own son, Jesus Christ, to reject sinful choices and lock up the negative consequences to those who would later believe in Him. In Revelation, it says His servants will be given a new heart and the knowledge of evil (remember that tree in the Garden of Eden) will be destroyed forever! Amen! No more knowledge of negative choices and consequences.



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