Despite the False WWII History Books, Innocent Germans Were Marched to Death Camps, Incinerated, Raped, etc…

As with any Hollywood style ending, the West would have you believe that Europe was in grave danger from the German Nazi machine and that the great hero America came and saved the day. Such fairy tale endings might work for little elementary school children, but the reality is that once the mainstream media turned their attention away from Germany after World War II ended, the U.S. and her allies and the Soviets went bipolar on the innocent ones. American and British bombing raids were so powerful that when they made contact with the ground, anyone running away would get swept back towards the center of the explosion and incinerated in place, melted into the street. In a few cases, mothers and children were found matted together in one clump of charred flesh. Those who survived were either marched to death camps or had to endure the onslaught of violent criminals unleashed on the populace by Soviet commanders. Horrific rapes, including one where a young mother watched as her rapist smashed her crying baby against a wall until it was just a bloody pulp. Most Germans didn’t either know Hitler that well or despised him, yet the Western press propaganda from Hollywood made it seem otherwise. History has repeated itself, with Arab Muslims being the current unwilling target…and Western Christians, if you don’t wake up, will be next. Love your neighbors and your enemies – these are the best weapons we have.


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