Al Qaeda Was America’s Darling Before Obama’s Syria Speech, But ISIS Afterwards

Who remembers President Obama’s speech a couple of years ago (possibly Fall 2013) where he tried to make the case to Americans to launch a military operation against Syria because Bashar Al Assad was the current enemy flavor of the month? At the time, Americans made it clear they were tired of endless wars, sending American soldiers to die for vague objectives. Up until then, Al Qaeda was all over the planet, wreaking havoc on nation after nation with seeming impunity, including Syria. Once Americans rejected Obama, it wasn’t long after that ISIS suddenly rose to power and, according to the West, scared the entire planet by being worse than Al Qaeda. Did any of you notice this? Al Qaeda virtually disappeared from the headlines while ISIS was destroying ancient monuments lost to antiquity. ISIS gave the West an excuse to then go into Syria with a confusing set of enemies: one day it was ISIS, then it was extreme moderates in Syria, then it was some other opposition, but Assad was always the target. Stay in prayer and keep seeking the truth, which is not in the mainstream media, Hollywood, or modern history books.


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