ABC News Tries to Explain How 19 Year Old Crisis Actor Survives 3 Terrorist Attacks

If you’re new to truth seeking, you may not know what a crisis actor is. A crisis actor is a person hired by an intelligence agency as part of a deep cover operation to add believability to a larger intelligence operation. The goal is usually to convince the public that a false flag operation is genuine. A false flag operation is an intelligence and military strategy to frame an individual or nation for a war or terrorist attack, where one nation or group pretends to be the enemy so that an unsuspecting public blames the enemy for the attack. Going back to our ABC News story today, the public is expected to be so dumb that the mainstream media has scripted journalists paint 19 year old Mason Wells as a Mormon survivor of 3 major terrorist attacks: the Paris attack, Boston bombing, and now the Brussels attack. This tactic is important because truth seekers have been exposing how some of the same crisis actors somehow keep appearing in more than one false flag terrorist attack over the years. The New World Order gang is apparently aware of this, so now their tactic is to tell a big lie, hoping most of the public is fooled into believing the impossible. Don’t be deceived. Stay in prayer.


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