The Two Witnesses Will Expose All World’s Secrets for 3.5 Years

Our education system has practically destroyed our spiritual knowledge and only taught us a small fraction of the full body of knowledge in existence. Satan twisted science in such deceptive ways as to compel us to doubt the power of God. We’ve gotten to the point many of us no longer think our Heavenly Father is capable of creating the heavens and the earth in six days. We’ve gotten to the point we think killing babies is a convenience, yet dare not think that those who talked us into abortions actually profit from fetal matter. Many of us doubt demons or even angels exist. We have been conditioned to accepting deadly diseases as normal, yet we dare not question the poisons in vaccines which break our minds and bodies down to the point our IQs drop and our spiritual knowledge is gone. There are many, many more secrets this world is hiding, and this lack of knowledge is destroying us, as our Heavenly Father warned us. But alas, before Jesus Christ returns, He will expose the ugly, very scary truth about the knowledge being held back, and He will send His Two Witnesses to the heart of Jerusalem to do it (no prophet dies outside Jerusalem). The New World Order gang, aka Mystery Babylon the Great, will be greatly alarmed that their long held dark secrets will be convincingly exposed, and names will be dropped! They will unleash every possible tactic against them, but none will prevail for 3.5 years. The will have power over the earth and the laws of nature, and will cause economic catastrophe as they continue their testimony against the world’s ruling elite. This is how the Gospel will be spread unto all nations, and then the end shall come…


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