Mark of the Beast System Has to Be Tested First

Unfortunately, most Christians assume some mystery man of sin will just suddenly appear on earth and force everyone to receive the 666 mark on their hands and foreheads. Nonsense. Daniel 2 shows us that the beast system has been in the making since the 6th century B.C. The first appearance of Jesus Christ slowed the system down greatly, and thus it has taken another 2,000+ years and counting. We are in the final kingdom years (Clay Iron Feet Toes, or CLIFT). The United States is the engine of the beast system now, with strong help from British led Western Europe. Smaller enemies of the U.S. are being economically destroyed. Venezuela is one. Brazil is another. North Korea yet another. Currently Syria has been under siege by the U.S. and her ISIS puppets but Russia and Iran helped thwart that. Once perfected in smaller enemies, the children of Satan will attempt to unleash it on America first, and then use America as a blueprint for the rest of the world. All nations should be on alert!


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