March 22nd Brussels Attack is Deceptive Excuse for Martial Law

Western Intelligence has bombed Brussels today and ISIS is their bogeyman cover. It is no coincidence that the so-called ISIS terrorist, Salah Abdeslam, was arrested in Brussels four days prior. And his name itself was selected to trigger American and European citizens to automatically link this attack to Islam. Do not be fooled. For those who are new to seeking truth, every time you hear about some extreme terrorist group doing spectacular attacks against major targets, it’s really the New World Order gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) behind it. Europe was already at heightened security since Nov 2015, and the alleged ISIS bomber was supposedly the same guy from those attacks, so how did he get so incredibly lucky to then be able to mastermind this Brussels attack? It is well documented that ISIS is a Western Intelligence deep cover operation aimed at giving the U.S. and European governments an excuse to implement martial law against its civilians. Think about it: How else can they get away with eroding citizens’ rights in order to enslave them? How else can you get to the point of forcing everyone to worship Satan and receive his mark of the beast? Stay in prayer and be vigilant for the end is edging closer and closer…


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