WWI and WWII Were Fought to Create Israel

If you have a chance to research, look the Balfour Agreement by Britain, which cam right after WWI ended in 1918, and then look at America’s fraudulent participation in WWII, which led to American endorsement of and creation of the State of Israel just 3 years after WWII ended. Between 70 AD, when the Romans destroyed Israel and the Temple, and 1948, much bloodshed and intrigue occurred to bring about Israel and Jerusalem. The Crusades were a false flag ploy to try to get Jerusalem back, but it failed. The deadly wound was healed in 1948. WWIII will be to establish a super resurrection of Solomon’s kingdom and Temple, but this time, with Satan in the Holy of Holies in the Temple and the Man of Sin as His “Christ” imposter. Stay in prayer and be like the 5 Virgins who had oil in their lamps (per Jesus’ Parable of the 10 Virgins).


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