U.S. Slavery was a Blueprint for the Concentration Camps of the 1900s

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans were distracted by skin color during the dark slavery years. Because they were conditioned to defining blacks and less than human, many of them looked away or did nothing as slaves were forced to live in horrible concentration camps called plantations. In order to leave the camps, they have to have written permission from their camp wardens. They were barred from owning guns. This was extreme gun control in violation of the 2nd amendment, but of course since they were than human, they didn’t count. Some slaves were tortured, sodomized, and raped as a form of terrorism to keep the other slaves in constant fear. Sound familiar? These techniques were later used in Nazi Germany, Communist Soviet Russia, South Africa, and even the British used some techniques against the Irish during the so-called Irish Potato Blight (which was a deliberate program to enslave, indebt and starve to death the Irish). You can find the ugly truth about American slavery at our popular blog American Slave and Racism Horrors.

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