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Greetings, dear friend. We are part of the Voice of Truth USA network of truth seekers and proclaimers everywhere. We are Christian, and what we do we do for free. Riches in the Kingdom of Heaven are far more valuable than the deceptive riches of this decrepit, dying world. You don’t have enough money to buy us, but we have enough love to both bring you the truth, and receive truth from the Way, the Truth and the Life – Jesus Christ.

This blog targets those who are either new to seeking the truth (which is a full time job) or have some experience with the truth beyond the deceptions of this world but may not have time to watch  videos that are longer than 20-30 minutes. Each post is purposely short (not more than a paragraph in most cases) and will contain enough info for you to do searches later on. Those who are advanced and experienced in truth seeking may find many of these blogs familiar. With that said, our mission is to expand truth seeking beyond its current population in order to spark more minds to seek out truth from more advanced sources, and ultimately to lead more lives to Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind and the Face of Our Heavenly Father. By no other name can men be saved. We are loving neighbors of those who are like-minded as well as those who are not. We seek peace, not love. Amen.

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