JFK, McKinley and Garfield Were Assassinated Due to Financial Policy

These three presidents sought to make America independent of the financial slavery that is the current central banking system, of which the Federal Reserve is chief among them. Any policy to move away from letting the Federal Reserve rob the country by printing up useless dollars and then charging the U.S. Treasury full face value plus interest is a threat to the children of Satan and their one world government plans. For instance, it only costs the Federal Reserve one or two pennies to print a $1 bill, yet they turn around and charge the U.S. Treasury $1 plus the current interest rate. Your taxes have to then pay all of that principal plus interest! If they keep printing up such money out of thin air without gold or silver or something of tangible value to back it up, then you are indebted to the holder of U.S. Treasury debt, which mostly is China, Saudi Arabia, London, and Israel. No banks have much liquidity anymore, which is why if you have too much money in the bank, you can’t get it all out in cash like you used to. This is the ugly truth about fractional reserve banking, which is just a fancy way of saying inside bank robbery.


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